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Exhibition BSPF 2017


For a second  year the Galerie Ravenstein hosted the exhibition of the finalists of the BSPF 2017. On this occasion special attention was paid to the passage that connects the access to the Central Railway Station (La Gare Centrale) with the space of the dome of the gallery. For this, a self-supporting, light and modular structure of scaffolding was built, from which 20 aluminum panels and 6 wooden panels exhibiting the finalist photographies hung. This structure was located along the passage.

The arrangement of the structure along the passage enriched the transit experience through the Gallery. The section of the gallery was optimized generating new transversal relationships for visitors and passers-by. The structure offered four long exhibition facades. Each of these facades grouped a different category of finalists.

The continuous flow of passers-by that were visible through the hanging panels reminded us of a historical spatial condition of this building: being a place of transit for the passengers coming from the Jonction Nord-Midi.


Sedaile Mejias, Diego Luna Quintanilla, Daniel Osorio, Jos Horbach

Thanks to

Anne Baraquin, Noemi Rodrigo Sabio, Aurore Smael, Barbara Sandra, Catherine Modert, Eva Deront, Fabricio Santos, Laura Basagni, Lucrezia Fratocchi, Nico DeKeyser, Paola Hernandez, Sigrid Debusschere, Sojail, Ana Cuellas, Valentina Calá, Kuba Jasionek, Forrest Walker, Chris Suspect

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