Cakri is a platform of collaborations engaged with the production of cultural projects that celebrate the street is the ultimate stage for urban culture.

Cakri is composed mainly of architects, designers, photographers, urbanists, and active citizens who use their resources and experience to develop cultural projects that boost the public space as an exceptional cultural space. Culture involves many values that contribute to the creation of collective memory and social identity. That is why we make collective efforts to develop projects that impact the public space and strengthen communities.

Cacri  noun – Spanish – A stray dog or street dog in Venezuela. The “cacri” is a mixed dog without a race, the natural consequence of hundreds of years of random breeding without interventions.

  • Diego Luna Quintanilla
  • Sedaile Mejias
  • Daniel Osorio
The cherry on top
  • Beatrice Bellavia
  • Paola Hernandez
  • Jos Horbach

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