Public Space

Place de Ninove


Place de Ninove is one of the key places along the Brussels ‘petite ceinture’ that links the inner city with the canal which provides it of an strategic position within Brussels’ urban configuration. However, the spatial fragmentation of the sector combined with the dominating presence of cars and parking places at the surroundings constitutes a main reason to keep the site as neglected. The paradox of intervening the site without requiring an urbanism permit constituted one of the main challenges in the re-activation of this space. It was also one of the potentials of the project since it required a feasible action-oriented process and the effective establishment of the project priorities among all the participants.

The project consisted in a physical intervention guided by a 6 months process of five ateliers and several intermediate sessions with the local inhabitants and other users of the space. It allowed the participants to exchange their experiences and knowledge in order to enrich the project with different perspectives while, in parallel, an ‘adoptive’ process of the site by its users took place. The project was the result of the call for projects “aux arbres les citoyens” launched by the CDQD Jardin aux Fleures in 2014.


Diego Luna Quintanilla, Sedaile Mejias

In collaboration with

CDQD Jardin aux Fleurs, the Urban Ecology Center and the neighbors of Place de Ninove

Thanks to

Laurent Du Bus, Geneviève Balasse, Swen Ore, Stephan Kampelmann, Alix Bougain, Sophie Deleuze, Ann Cortier, Daniel Osorio, Vanni, Christophe Eraly, Paula Caballero, Elise Jacobs