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Exhibition BSPF 2016


The BSPF 2016 main exhibition featured the best pictures submitted to the BSPF 2016 competition. The setting up of the exhibition intervened one of the best examples of 1950’s architecture in Brussels and one of the epicenters of Brussels underground street culture scene. Hanging from the dome of Galerie Ravenstein, the 27 wooden panels displayed the work of dozens of photographers to pedestrian and passerby, highlighting with an intricate web of flashy red ropes the monumental hight of such a unique set up.


Sedaile Mejias, Diego Luna Quintanilla, Daniel Osorio, Jos Horbach

Thanks to

Anne Baraquin, Noemi Rodrigo Sabio, Aurore Smael, Barbara Sandra, Catherine Modert, Eva Deront, Fabricio Santos, Sigrid Debusschere, Ana Cuellas, Marzia Cerio, Forrest Walker, Abhishek Dani, Chris Suspect

With the support of

Brussels Newsroom,, Ville de Bruxelles, Visit Brussels, Magnum Photos, Hotel Bloom!, BELvue Museum, 4041, Galerie Ravenstein, Laboriver, Creative District, Les Cercles des Voyageurs