Brussels in motion


“Brussels in motion” was a thematic photography contest structured in collaboration with The Photo Academy (TPA), a photography academy established in Brussels providing photography workshops around the world for all levels. The themed contest was a collaboration effort between the BSPF (Cakri) and TPA to highlight those dynamic elements that better represent the unique cosmopolitan condition of Brussels as a city.

The selection of the finalists and the winners was carried out in two rounds out by a jury composed of photographers and curators including Delphine Dumont, Clément Huylenbroeck, Pierre Liebaert, Merlin Meuris, and Michela Nunes.

The result was a selection of the 12 pictures that in combination better represented the cultural diversity of Brussels. The selection made an emphasis on the role of the street and the public spaces as a moving city forever changing. All finalist photos were printed and displayed in the spaces of The Photo Academy for a month from Saturday, September 15, 2018, until Monday, October 15, 2018.

Check out the Brussels in motion finalists here.


Daniel Osorio

In collaboration with

The Photo Academy

Thanks to

Clément Huylenbroeck, Maxime Favier and the TPA team