Tales of the Underground


Tales of the underground was a night walk that gathered more than 150 people (between public, artists and crew) structured along one of the most important underground episodes in the history of Brussels:

The Vaulting of the River Senne in the XIX century was a mega infrastructural operation that changed completely the urban configuration of the city center; it carried out demolitions of entire neighborhoods and provided the platform for a new image for the city.

During this experimental promenade we used different formats of performing and visual arts with the intention to explore in an unusual way, two very local (even unknown) neighborhoods, both built above a river long forgotten. Just by remembering the Senne and trying to follow its traces we discovered intriguing places full of qualities and with enormous potentials. This trip into the sub consciousness of Brussels was for us a first attempt to bring the debate to the next level, from the written words to an active experience of the city.


Diego Luna Quintanilla, Sedaile Mejias, Jos Horbach

In collaboration with

Shht, the magazine of untold architecture and Nightscapes Productions

With the support of

Recyclart, BUUR, Modell’o Printshop, Curo Hall,Cultureghem, BOB 361, ZSenne, BXL Swings in the Cracks and Expart.