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Leesstraat is the temporary public space activation of Rue de la Reine, a small pedestrian street located in the center of Brussels, between two cultural public buildings: The National Opera House La Monnaie and Muntpunt Library (the biggest Flemish library in Brussels). The project is a collaboration between Cakri and Muntpunt and consists of an extension of the reading activities of the library towards the public space.

For the second edition of Leesstraat, we decided to concentrate the intervention on one volumetric piece that would serve as an eye-catcher and support outdoor reading activities. The volume was composed of a higher element that brings color and dynamism to the space thanks to its wavy sequence of colorful fabrics, constantly playing with the wind. On the lower part, a landscape composition of red nets provided a soft connection with the ground and inviting users and passersby to take a break, lay down and relax. The installation also included tables and tribunes for collective activities; and hammocks for more introspective reading experiences. The transparent façade of Muntpunt became an interactive graphic screen from which users could solve crosswords and puzzles while sitting and laying on the structure.

During the entire two months, Muntpunt provided the programmatic framework to Leesstraat. The daily library activities were complemented by summer cultural activities, performances, and happenings in collaboration with other cultural and citizen associations.


Diego Luna Quintanilla, Sedaile Mejias

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Wings Nuts Décor, Jos Horbach, Anne Baraquin, Eva Recio, Elvia González, Paola Hernández, Louis Bonte, Donatas Baltrusaitis, Daniel Osorio, Beatrice Bellavia, Hélène Rillaerts, Morgane Gloux, Mario Doneddu, Lukas Dos Santos, Ermal Kapedani, Peter Vermaercke, Muntpunt Grand Café, Afix, La Corderie, Gold Fingers Mercerie, Service Couture Express, Incutlab