Brussels Newsroom

2014 - ongoing

If we consider that identity is the unconscious link that binds the relation between citizens and their territory, then identity becomes a fundamental element to support social interaction, local culture and civic everyday dynamics. In consequence, the elements that define the identity should be detected, captured, revealed, recognized and discussed.

The Brussels Newsroom is a blog that seeks to identify, document and disseminate those fundamental elements that shape Brussels’ identity, but not only… We strongly believe that Brussels deserve to be looked closely, it’s cultural richness, political complexity and unique urban processes position it as an important reference for the global urban context we live in.


Diego Luna Quintanilla, Sedaile Mejias

Thanks to

Pieter Dumoulin, Donatas Baltrusaitis, Jean-Luc Feixa, Léopold Lambert, Hakan Simsek, Traumnovelle, Laurens Van der Cruyssen, Lieven De Cauter, Thomas Willemse, Adrian Hill, Dani Oshi, Elise Candry, Rossella Locatelli, Jonathan Robert Maj, Michiel Van der Loos, Shht cultural association, Lillo Mendola, Flaviano D’Erasmo, Franck Vander Eeckt, O Canto, Paul Steinbrück, Collective Disaster, Stadsbiografie, Laura Vescina, Stéphane Damsin, Gerben Van den Abbeele, Stijn Beeckman