Photography is a beautiful form of expression that has shaped the world as we know. Today, it is easier to access photography via mobile phones and small inexpensive cameras. This accessibility widened the photographic creativity of exponential way, allowing more people to express their visions of the world.

Kids have incredible creativity and photography is a good tool for experimenting and develop their creative abilities. However, many children do not have the opportunity to play with cameras for many reasons, usually economic, but also in because of the enormous responsibility involved in using a camera.

ExpressArt is an educational project with the objective of giving children the possibility to use photography as a tool to self expression. Each participant received a disarmed camera which was armed on a camera building workshop with the proper guidance from a photographer professional. The workshop was followed by a series of learning sessions in which participants learn different methods and techniques for carrying out a personal photographic project on their neighborhood.


Daniel Osorio, Anne Baraquin

Thanks to

Maison des Enfants l’Horizon